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About Us

We are a family-owned childcare center that values the importance of individualized learning. Mrs. Ahmed, the founder, was a teacher for 11 years in a very reputable and gifted program before her heart led her to start a childcare center in Herndon.

Our Goals

We are committed to:

  • Offering continuous quality care in a safe and secure setting
  • Providing a warm environment that allows each child to develop at his/her own pace
  • Finding new ways to stimulate and expand each and every child’s curiosity and intellect
  • Providing parents with peace of mind while at work
  • Supporting staff members as they fulfill their commitment to childcare

Our Philosophy

We believe that children should be challenged and encouraged constantly according to their age level, allowing us to identify and further develop their strengths. This is what we practice at Happy Hearts Children Learning Center.

Our lead teachers are fully qualified and are first aid and CPR certified. Each are required to maintain 16 additional hours of training per year to stay up-to-date.

Ms. Azmat – Owner and Director

Ms. Azmat comes with a very solid experience in teaching. She was a teacher in a  reputable private school for gifted and talented children in Herndon for 11 years. Before that she was a Pre-K teacher for 6 years at Kinder care. Her passion is to be an educationist and give something back to the community.

Ms. Karina – Lead Teacher – Ladybugs Class

Ms. Karina has been teaching the toddler class since 2012. She enjoys teaching the fundamental concepts to the children at that age. Her favorite activity is singing nursery rhymes and songs, along with dancing and reading.

Ms. Hina –  Lead Teacher – Caterpillars Class

Ms. Hina is with happy hearts for 13 years and she is the lead teacher for the infants room.

Ms. Shaymaa

Shaymaa has been working with Happy Hearts for more than 3 years.  She joined Happy Hearts as a part time teacher but with hard work and dedication she is now the Assistant Director. Prior to joining Happy Hearts Shaymaa worked in the hospitality industry at a global hotel chain in customer service.  Before that she worked overseas as a teacher for 6 years. Shaymaa has two grown daughters.  She enjoys cooking as a hobby.

Ms. Laxmi

Laxmi is a new addition to Happy Hearts family.   She has joined Happy Hearts as an administrator.  Laxmi holds a degree in Electrical/Electronic Engineering.  Before joining Happy Hearts Laxmi was working in the Information Technology industry.  She has also taught for 3 years in India. Laxmi has two children.  Both of her children attend Elementary School.  Her pastime is reading and following world news.

Ms. Samira

Samira has 14 years’ experience in teaching children.  She brings vast knowledge of different teaching techniques to suit each child.  She keeps children engaged in amazing science projects.  Samira also holds a diploma in Childhood Development. Samira is married with two grown up kids.

Ms. Reyes

Ms. Antoinette is for 3’s room and she has 7 yrs teaching experience.

Ms. Veronica

Veronica makes a super team in 2’s room with Ms Amy. She loves teaching and has been teaching for the last 16 years.  She loves Arts and Craft and enjoys teaching Spanish to the little ones during the circle time.Cater


We offer simple and straight-forward tuition plans.

Tuition includes daily nutritious catered meals so you don’t have to worry about packing lunch or paying extra.

We offer two payment options for your convenience – weekly and monthly. Monthly tuition plans come with a discount.

In addition to the discount that comes with the monthly payment plan, we offer an additional sibling discount if more than one of your children is enrolled at Happy Hearts Childcare Center in Herndon, VA.

Contact us for current tuition rates and to learn which discounts you may be eligible for.


We offer extremely flexible enrollment choices. We understand that childcare needs could be different for different parents and we offer choices that will suit your need.

Our enrollment options are as follows:

  • Full Time – Five days of the week full time
  • 5 Half Days – Five hours all five days of the week
  • 4 Full Days – Four days a week of your choice
  • 4 Half Days – Five hours every day for four days a week of your choice
  • 3 Full Days – Three days a week of your choice
  • 3 Half Days – Five hours every day for three days a week of your choice
  • 2 Full Days – Two days a week of your choice

Contact us to learn more about our flexible enrollment options.


Interactive circle time


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