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Important information related toCOVID-19

  • We are open and enrolling for fall. We are accepting essential service worker kids.
  • We are also doing virtual teaching and distance learning sessions through zoom.
  • We are offering COVID 19 special summer camps for school-agers (ages 3-5) every day one hour through zoom with many more activities from July through August.


We are following all necessary guidelines as suggested by CDC. We are taking all precautions as outlined below. If you’ve questions please call us at 703-793-3880.

Our Health and Safety Practices

We are closely following guidance from the CDC, as well as state and local officials and health authorities, as we take extreme care to maintain our safe, healthy school environment for children, families, and staff. We have enhanced our already rigorous health protocols, such as: Protective Masks: We have provided protective face coverings for all staff members to wear when working at school with children. Taking Temperatures: We’re now screening all staff members and children upon arrival at school to check for raised temperatures or evident symptoms. Limited Classroom Access: To curb the spread of germs and control group size, we are having parents and family members remain in common areas of the center only. Wellness Checks: Regular wellness checks are being conducted throughout the day. The parents of unwell children are notified immediately, to help stop the spread of illness.


In general, we are requiring that children and staff stay home from school for 14 days following the last potential exposure, if any member of the household has (or may have) a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19. In addition:
  • We observe the children’s health throughout the day and respond appropriately as needed if we detect any potential signs of illness.
  • If your child does become ill at school, we will call you immediately so they can be picked up as soon as possible. Should that occur, please be sure to pick up your child promptly for their well-being, and to help us limit the spread of illness.
Overall, the best way to ensure our students have limited exposure to germs is by keeping children at home when they are sick. We ask that you please watch your child closely and contact your physician if your child appears to be feeling under the weather. Please remember your child must be kept home if they display any signs of illness until they are free of symptoms for 24 hours or have a physician’s approval for them to reenter a child care setting.

Our Difference

Our student groups are intimately sized so that all children benefit from one-on-one time with their teachers.

We send daily updates through Precious Status app.

We conduct parent teacher conferences every quarter.

The building is secured by the security cameras.

We conduct parent teacher conferences every quarter.

We offer Discovery Day for parents who come to enroll with us and try us for one day for free of cost.

Did you know?

Happy Hearts accept kids who are through DSS (Department of Social Services) and registration is waived. We do not charge over market rate.

New Offering

We are introducing 2 half-day and 2 full-day programs for 3’s (Dragonfiles) and 4’s room (Grasshoppers). Contact Us to learn more.

Happy Hearts Growth Plan

Happy Hearts promotes holistic development of your child. We implement the Pinnacle® Learning Program, which is advanced but very age appropriate. In addition, we have daily:
  • Computer classes for the 3 and 4 years old – each child benefits from one-on-one time on the computer with the teacher to enhance their language, reading and math skills.
  • Spanish Classes for the 3 and 4 years old
  • Professional reading and music is offered for the 2, 3, and 4 years old.

WHat parents say (from google reviews)

    review rating 5  My 4 kids have been attending Happy Heart Children's Centre since July 2018. The Director and her staff are all friendly, nice, amazing, awesome and supportive. They always smile and greet us the moment I walk in to drop my kids. My 2 year old had separation anxiety when he first started but the staff were so patient, so professional and managed to calm him down. He is so happy with them now and will always run towards them when I drop him in the morning. If you looking to enroll your kids in a daycare, Happy heart is the right place for you. The environment is stress free....once I drop my kids in the morning I don't have to worry about them being unhappy as the teachers are so amazing especially Mrs Samira,Mrs Antoinette, Mrs Karina and Diana. All in all, this School is awesome! I highly recommend it and would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

    thumb Asmawu Bawa

    review rating 5  I have been an happy hearts mom since two years and I can vouch for them. My LO was 2years when he joined and he is now a grown self-reliant 4 years old who is all geared up for Kindergarten next year. The initial expectation was an environment which will be safe and gets him in his routine. But they excelled above and beyond with a curriculum which constantly had him meet his next required milestone. Teachers are friendly and attached.On top of all this, they are not money - minded. What else do you need from a child-care provider!

    thumb Aarthii Deenadayalan

    review rating 5  The staff are awesome, from the teachers to the director, all are kind, caring and accommodating. My daughter attends there whenever I have her and she loves it, along with the staff. They get my two thumbs up. 👍🏼👍🏼

    thumb Tony Santiago

    review rating 5  I’m a successful professional with 12 plus years experience in a Child Daycare Center and Administration Assistant.   As a Lead Teacher of my 3’s classroom at Happy Heart my priority is working hard to identify and address behavioral and educational issues. I’m so glad to joined Happy Heart Teams and the staff are awesome, from the teachers to the director, all are kind, caring and really good professional. I loves to work for Mrs. Azmat.

    thumb Antoinette Reyes

    review rating 5  My daughter has been attending Happy Hearts since 2017, I can honestly say that my kid is getting the best care possible. The teachers are wonderful, friendly, caring and keep the kids interested in learning. We are so grateful for everything they do to make my little girl happy. She definitely learned a lot of great things. Thank You Happy Hearts!!!

    thumb Nagarjuna Elpata