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We are a family-owned early childhood educational and childcare center that values the importance of individualized learning. Mrs. Ahmed, the founder, was a teacher for 11 years in a very reputable and gifted program school before her heart led her to start a childcare center in Herndon.

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2487 McNair farms drive, Herndon VA 20171

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Happy Hearts Growth Plan

Growth Plan
Happy Hearts promotes holistic development of your child. We implement the Pinnacle® Learning Program, which helps prepare your child for Kindergarten success. It is an advanced but very age appropriate curriculum. In addition, we have daily:
  • Computer classes for the 3 and 4 years old – each child benefits from one-on-one time on the computer with the teacher to enhance their language, reading and math skills.
  • Spanish Classes for the 3 and 4 years old
  • Professional reading and music is offered for the 2, 3, and 4 years old.

Our Difference

  • Our student groups are intimately sized so that all children benefit from one-on-one time with their teachers.
  • We send daily updates through HiMAMA app.
  • We conduct parent teacher conferences every quarter.
  • The building is secured by the security cameras.
  • Low student to teacher ratio and an engaging curriculum.
  • We offer Discovery Day for parents who come to enroll with us and try us for one day for free of cost.
  • We believe world class education is a joy-filled experience.
  • We teach STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Management).

Happy Hearts accept kids who are through DSS (Department of Social Services) and the registration fee is waived!

Teacher appreciation notes from Happy Hearts Parents

What Parents Say (From Google Reviews)

I am so grateful to have the opportunity of sending my child to Happy Hearts for two years. I loved this place and so did my child. As a parent I deeply appreciate the staff being nice and caring, and the Director really cares about the children and works with the parents. I’m grateful for their hours. The facility is well thought of, rooms separated to keep the ages apart, but structured so that the teachers are able to help each other out. My child was happy and that made me a happy parent. I recommend it to all parents in the Herndon area.👍

Soumaya Kaddoura Avatar Soumaya Kaddoura
August 6, 2023

I highly recommend Happy hearts! My oldest just graduated from the 4s class and is off to kindergarten. My youngest started in the baby room and has moved up to the 2s class so we have experienced care through all ages and have been impressed every step of the way! The teachers are caring and kind - my youngest often doesn’t want to leave at pick up! My oldest has learned so much in the 3s and 4s room and I have no doubt about his preparedness for kindergarten. He is able to write his name, count to 100, recognize all letters and is even starting to spell and read. The teachers also helped potty train my youngest! The facility is well kept with plenty of toys and games for the kids to enjoy. We love the parties for all occasions and they really go above and beyond to provide a fun environment for the kids. The splash days in the summer are a big hit! The rates are super affordable and the quality of care is excellent. A winning combination.

Jenny Jimmison Avatar Jenny Jimmison
August 6, 2023

Happy Heart is the best! We have two children (3yr old and 1 yr old) who have been attending since they were 6 months old and they both love going there! We are blown away how much the kids have learned as well. The teachers and ownership are professional and have been flexible with our schedule. The facility is clean and tuition is affordable. They are the complete package. I highly recommend.

Eric Lariccia Avatar Eric Lariccia
August 4, 2023

As a lead teacher for the babies room, I have seen our students go from learning to sit, eat, walk, and finally graduate on Friday. It has brought so much joy to me to see them grow and flourish with each passing day. I feel an overwhelming sense of pride in seeing their transition. All the hard work of teachers and cooperation of parents has brought them to this point. I wish the kids best of luck for their future endeavors.

naghma sajjad Avatar naghma sajjad
June 19, 2023

We couldn't be happier with Happy Heart Children’s Center, a place that has become a second home for our toddler over the past year and a half. From the moment we brought our then three-month-old to the infant room, we knew we had found something truly special. The staff's warmth, dedication, and genuine love for children shine through in every interaction, making it a nurturing environment for our little one. Since then, our child has transitioned to the toddler room with ease, and we’re very pleased with the caregivers in this room too! The caregivers at this childcare center have gone above and beyond to create a safe and engaging space for our toddler to grow and learn. Their expertise in early childhood education is evident in the thoughtfully planned activities and age-appropriate curriculum they provide. It's amazing to witness our child's development as they eagerly explore new concepts and skills, all under the guidance of these incredible teachers. We also appreciate their efforts to celebrate diversity, especially as a multicultural family with a biracial child. They also do a great job of updating an app to keep us informed of daily activities, upcoming events, food intake, naps, etc. The facility itself is well-maintained, clean, and equipped with age-appropriate toys, books, and learning materials. The outdoor play area offers ample space for exploration and physical activities, ensuring children get plenty of fresh air and exercise. We feel reassured knowing that our little one is in a safe and stimulating environment. In summary, we highly recommend Happy Heart Children’s Center to any parent seeking a loving, nurturing, and enriching environment for their little one. The dedicated staff, tailored curriculum, and the sheer joy our toddler experiences make it a truly exceptional place. We are immensely grateful for the positive impact this center has had on our child's early years and look forward to many more cherished memories to come.

Emma Schartner Avatar Emma Schartner
May 20, 2023

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