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Important information related to COVID-19

We are enrolling now for the school Agers. We are offering help to school-agers for virtual classes for school for this fall 2020.

Our Difference

Our student groups are intimately sized so that all children benefit from one-on-one time with their teachers.

We send daily updates through HiMAMA app.

We conduct parent teacher conferences every quarter.

The building is secured by the security cameras.

Low student to teacher ratio and an engaging curriculum.

We offer Discovery Day for parents who come to enroll with us and try us for one day for free of cost.

We believe world class education is a joy-filled experience.

We teach STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Management).

Did you know?

Happy Hearts accept kids who are through DSS (Department of Social Services) and registration is waived. We do not charge over market rate.

New Offering

We are introducing 2 half-day and 2 full-day programs for 3’s (Dragonfiles) and 4’s room (Grasshoppers). Contact Us to learn more.

Happy Hearts Growth Plan

Happy Hearts promotes holistic development of your child. We implement the Pinnacle® Learning Program, which helps prepare your child for Kindergarten success. It is an advanced but very age appropriate curriculum. In addition, we have daily:


  • Computer classes for the 3 and 4 years old – each child benefits from one-on-one time on the computer with the teacher to enhance their language, reading and math skills.
  • Spanish Classes for the 3 and 4 years old
  • Professional reading and music is offered for the 2, 3, and 4 years old.

Joyful learning starts early!

WHat parents say (from google reviews)

    4 star review  My boys have been going to Happy Hearts for a year and love it! The great hours and affordable cost plus morning preschool are why we chose it. My kids were previously at a daycare that (at 1 and 3) they hated. It was amazing to see the transformation when we came to Happy Hearts. The older one adores his teacher and missed her so much during the shutdown. The younger one yells "YAY!" every time we turn into the parking lot and races into his room every morning. The teachers are all great and I am very impressed with how they relate to the kids. My husband and I have been thrilled by the progress my older son has made in writing and math. I love that it's a diverse community and my kids get to know a variety of people. I would definitely recommend this daycare!

    thumb Lexi Ruark

    5 star review  We have been taking our son here for a year and we love it. The teachers are so loving and kind, and our son is so excited to see them everyday. He has been learning numbers, letters, colors, and more- it is definitely focused on learning as well as quality care. They have also been extremely helpful during the pandemic- they have been very safe in reopening and we feel very comfortable sending our son during this time. Highly recommend!

    thumb Christiana McCormick

    5 star review  The staff and teachers are awesome. My son has learned so much from them in the time that he's been at Happy Hearts And when he brings what he's learned home for me to see, I get estatic. You guys have made having to go to work and leave my son much easier.I am very thankful for these ladies.They took wonderful care of my son from 2yr to 5yr. They have been amazing and have always cared so much for him. Definitely recommend this place.

    thumb Sowjanya M

    5 star review  We've been bringing our baby daughter since she was 3 months. It's been great as she transitions from age to age and room to room. All of the ladies at Happy Heart work together to provide a great learning and enjoyable environment. Even after the COVID-19 adjustments, it has been smooth and seamless as everything is by the guidelines and we feel very safe taking our child back. Great place for your children to grow!

    thumb Chan Cho

    5 star review  Absolutely loved Happy Hearts as my provider for my daughter. As a first time parent leaving my infant in the care of someone else was very hard. I am so thankful for the teachers, because my daughter showed how much she loved them in return. I appreciate their strategy of introducing their up and coming teachers before they promoted the children to new classes to ensure the children were comfortable with being promoted to a new class. To Happy Hearts: I am so thankful for your staff. I am sad that my daughter had to switched to a new daycare, because of our change of location. The tears I cried of it being her last day were probably equivalent to the tears when I dropped her off for the first time. We thank you and we love you!

    thumb Quiana Cureton